Says Lebron need to just “go at” Kobe! I agree!

VIA RapRadar:

Killa was on MTV2 this past weekend and in between the typical album-in-stores promo B.S., the Harlem Diplomat weighed in on the NBA Playoffs. Like most, he sees a Cavs-Lakers final but he’s afraid of the outcome.

I really do want LeBron to win but I just think Kobe right now, he’s in a different zone. And then also too I think LeBron is better than Kobe, but LeBron just shows Kobe too much respect. He should just go at Kobe instead of always givin’ him props… You’re better than Kobe. You don’t have to give him that much props and respect.”

What do you THINK?! Is Cam’Ron right? Cavs vs. Lakers?! Who would win?! Share your thoughts!

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