Despite of what you may heard, there is no Drake sex tape hitting the Web anytime soon. A screencap of some other light-skinned man surfaced online, prompting speculation that Aubrey Graham might not have stashed away his adventures in sexual voyeurism as well as he thought he did. However, illseed of All Hip Hop confirms that the tape in question isn’t Drake and that people can stop wondering whether or not the now nonexistent tape includes an Aaliyah poster.

Via All Hip Hop:

…another site started some mess about there being a Drake sex tape! Well, I didn’t want a few hundred dudes to throw up at the same time so I didn’t report the rumor. But, I can report to subsequent rumor on the rumor.

I heard there is no actual sex tape or that its really unlikely. I didn’t see it, but apparently there is a pic to back up the rumor. From what I was told, it doesn’t look like Drake. We can all collectively release a sign of relief…even Drake.


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