The American Music Awards are the Jumpmans of award broadcasts. They almost resemble the real deal, and you can almost trick the less savvy into thinking that they’re legit Jordans, but when you try them on you realize that these are not championship caliber shoes.

However,  last night the AMAs (aka Any Musician Available) closed out with one of the best moments of music  TV this year.  Right in the middle of Korean Youtube sensation PSY’s “Gangnam Style” performance, the crowd was treated to an impromptu mash-up with none other than MC Hammer. 

Now that Hammer isn’t chasing Jay-Z through the forest trying to baptize him in the way of the parachute pants, we can all get back to enjoying the nostalgia that one of Oakland’s finest inspires. Check out the performance of “Gangnam Style” remixed with “Too Legit To Quit” from the 2012 AMAs.

You can see  all of the performances over at

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