Details surrounding the club brawl actor/comedian Mike Epps was involved in are starting to roll in. Turns out the club melee started because of a man heckling Epps all night and there is security footage to prove Mike Epps charged at the guy, but no evidence of a gun being fired in the club.

Reports surfaced that police were called to Tru Nightclub in Hollywood on Monday night after reports of shots being fired had been called in. Many blamed a scuffle between Mike Epps, his entourage, and a random patron. Witnesses say Epps was trying to enjoy himself because he was celebrating his birthday with his friends when a guy lurked around Epps’ VIP table heckling him. Trying to blow off some steam, Mike Epps went outside to relax for a minute.

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However, things didn’t work out that way. As Epps made his way to the exit, he and his nemesis ran into each other. From the security footage you can see, Epps charging at the man who remains off screen most of the time. A little after the incident outside, Epps is seen back at his table as other patrons continue to dance. Next thing you know, drinks are flying across the room. While you can’t see anyone pull out and fire a gun, you can see people ducking and running for cover.

Authorities hit the scene a little later. After searching the scene, no weapon was found. Also, there were no shell casings or bullet holes anywhere in the club. Considering the lack of initial evidence, nobody was taken in to police custody.

Sources are saying the event going on was a private party for Mike Epps and that his people handled the guestlist. Mike Epps still has yet to comment on the situation.



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