Tonight the New York Knicks take on their crosstown rivals The Brooklyn Nets for the first time since they emigrated from New Jersey to take up residence in the house that Hov built.

The New York Times sat down with the second-biggest Knicks fan in the 5 Boroughs, Fat Joe (sorry, Spike has the Blue & Orange crown) about team loyalty and legacies in sports.

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In addition to clearing up what went down with Jay-Z at The Rucker and if the Knicks should have kept Jeremy Lin, Joe gives some insight into Allen Iverson, who is currently retired from the NBA.

Q.On the subject of Iverson, what’s his legacy?

A. Allen Iverson was the Tupac of basketball; he was a true revolutionary. His talent was incredible, but as you know, in this game of basketball, experts will say, “If you don’t get a chip, then we don’t care what you’ve done,” which is unfair to a lot of phenomenal players, like Ewing, Charles Barkley and also Karl Malone and John Stockton.

Q.All because of Michael Jordan.

A. (Laughs.) Yeah, Jordan killed a bunch of people’s legacies.

Q.What do you think of the Nets’ moving to Brooklyn?

A. I think it’s amazing. I like their whole vibe of what the Nets are putting together. It’s a real competitive team they are running out there. But I believe also that if you’re a true Knicks fan, you just don’t jump on their bandwagon. They’re the Brooklyn Nets, you know, but we’re the New York Knicks.


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