It seems like every time awards season rolls around, the ceremonies get worse and worse from show to show. Don’t get me wrong, there are some dope moments, but they are too few and far between. It’s not to say that a lot of these shows hold much weight such as the Grammys, Academy Awards, or Emmys — whatever — but as much energy that the producers shows put into creating a star-studded show for us, the least they can do is not insult our time and viewership by giving us lackluster, predictable shows. Here are our reasons why need to give those award shows the old heave ho:

They Have Become Too Predictable

Did anyone watch this year’s BET Awards when Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Kanye West were nominated in four of the five slots for “Video of the Year”? Really? Why was this even a category? Just hand out the statues to them at this point because either way it’s going on the mantle in the Carter-Knowles household. Ok, ok… y’all love Jay and Bey. And the bad part is, there were so many other videos that came out by that point that were a whole lot greater. “Love On Top” has to be one of the worst music videos to come out in the past year, and it didn’t even deserve a nomination. But Rihanna‘s “We Found Love”? It wasn’t even on the radar.

They Take Our Hilarious Comedians and Make Them Watered Down and Unfunny

Ugh. Why do they do this? Kevin Hart hosted the 2012’s VMAs, and I pretty much watched the whole thing in anticipation that he would give me a gut-busting, knee slapping monologue, but there I sat, pure crickets. What gives? he was hee-larry-us when he hosted the BET Awards back in June, but I get it, I get it. The awards must be suited for the masses, but c’mon. It all seems so forced. That balance between being too Def Comedy Jam and too Disney is a hard balance to establish, and no one ever really seems to get it right anymore. What’s even worse is when these award shows make out ears and eyes cringe with the flavor of the month comedians who aren’t all that funny to begin with. Hello, Russell Brand…

The Forced Tributes

This is where it gets tricky. With so many music awards, when someone passes away it doesn’t seem right NOT to put on a tribute. We all must pay our respects. It can, however, be overkill. We all loved Whitney Houston, but after seeing a tribute at the Grammys and BET awards, if I never see another tribute, I won’t be sad. Oh, gosh and when MJ died, and that awful rendition of “Earth Song” was performed, I wanted to flick Celine Dion, Usher, and Jennifer Hudson from my TV screen. Then I remembered it was a tribute and I calmed myself. But after eight months you think they could have put together a better performance.

Recycled Performances

We’re either going to need Pink to get her life together or just audition for the Cirque du Soleil if she keeps flying through the air with the greatest of ease. Some of these artists need to come with something better at these shows. No one wants to see a repeat of their favorite artist year after year. And if you do, you need some higher standards for them.

They Let Usher Keep Dancing and Allow Rick Ross to Keep Taking Off His Shirt

No one wants to hear Usher’s heavy breathing in the mic or Rozay’s tatted stomach. Does this seem backwards to anyone, or it’s just me? (I mean, I don’t want to hear Rick Ross breathe either, but it sounds so much more plausible.) There should come a point in a singer’s career where they think, “You know what, maybe I should just sing from this stool right here…” and take it easy. No one will be mad. I’m also going to start a petition for future award shows to have a “No Removal of Any Article of Clothing clause” when they ask Rick Ross to perform. Will you sign?

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