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In the words of Jada Pinkett-Smith in “Kingdom Come,” Lawd, take me now! Southern urban pop artist Flo Rida has lost his complete mind and he proves that in his latest video “Let It Roll.”

Flo Rida tucked his big boy jeans in the back of his closet and went with a pair of peach capris., To make the pants worse, he is rocking the pants with fringe at the knee caps. Flo and his entourage can also be seen rolling down the block on skates and skateboards. The crew seems to be having a great time throughout the short clip, which leads us to one question.

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Who the hell convinced Flo Rida peach capri pants were what’s hot in the streets?! Whoever it is needs to be fired and banned from all clothes shopping that isn’t for them or their children. I mean those pants are so out of pocket, I have yet to make mention of the actual song, which further cements his status as one of the world’s biggest urban pop artists out right now.

Peep the video of “Let It Roll” which appears on Flo Rida’s album Wild Ones. The album is in stores right now.

What do you think about Flo Rida’s fashion choices in the “Let It Roll” video.


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