Newark mayor Corey Booker is a true man of the people who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty (or burned) and that’s why he gets the Shine Award for Most Talked About.

Whether he was interacting with his constituents on Twitter or literally saving citizens from burning buildings, Booker stayed in the news for all of the right reasons unlike some other politicians (see: Rep. Todd Akin).

The 2005 documentary “Street Fight” chronicled Booker’s 2002 run for mayor of Newark, New Jersey against 16-year incumbent Sharpe James. Booker, a young, idealistic and relentless community activist, lived in one of Newark’s worst housing projects and raged against an entrenched political machine and its dirty tricks to try to make a difference in his city. And although Booker’s first run was unsuccessful we saw a glimpse of the city’s future in his effort. Booker became Newark’s 36th mayor in 2006 and since then his calling card has been his a passion for, and connection to, his would-be constituents.

His responsiveness and wit on Twitter have earned him a rep as a politician of the future but let him tell it he’s humble civil servant of the now who is grateful for the ability to communicate with his community directly and quickly. Something tells us that when we talk about Booker down the line we’ll be referring to him as “senator,” “governor,” or even “Mr. President.”

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