In disappointing news, is reporting that Lauren London tested positive for baby and is 5 months pregnant. According to the gossip site, that baby’s pappy is allegedly no other than Lil Wayne, who has been previously linked to the Next Day Air actress for quite some time. London denied rumors of any rapper romances in a very recent interview but YBF claims that it confirmed, via some Hollywood insider sources, that the Sean John spokesmodel is indeed Weezy’s F. baby mama (F. means future baby mama in this case).

London was recently on the red carpet for her new movie that stars Mos Def and Donald Faison but there were no reports of a baby bump. Supposedly, “all her pictures were only taken from the bust and up” at the Next Day Air premiere and since it was her only public appearance since February nobody has been able to tell if she’s carrying. I can’t call it but in my limited knowledge of maternity I thought a lady who’s expecting would be showing something past the halfway point (shouldn’t they?) and plus, the curious ass Hollywood media should’ve/could’ve/would’ve noticed something. I’ll keep you posted as the story develops.

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