Michael Jordan has committed many fashion sins in his lifetime, but his latest one got him banned from a Miami Beach golf course.

At at La Gorce Country Club, Jordan was asked to change his clothes because their rules state that only collard shirts and Bermuda shorts can be worn. Jordan refused to change so the basketball legend got the boot, according to the New York Post.

His PR released a statement:

Michael Jordan did wear cargo pants . . . He had been there many times before and had worn cargo pants previously, and had never been made aware that he was violating any dress code. This time, he was made aware of the violation on the 12th hole, and at that point . . . he did refuse to interrupt his game, and return to the clubhouse and change. We were not aware that he is not allowed to return to La Gorce. I guess it’s their loss – as MJ is a great golfer, and a great guest.

It seems a little harsh to completely ban someone if they were unaware of the dress code, and if this was his first offense. What I am happy about is that I’m sure he was wasn’t dressed as badly as we’ve seen him dressed before. (Silver lining?)

Check the pics of his previous fashion fails below .

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