Former NBA star Allen Iverson has been in the headlines for his financial problems more than his sports talent. The latest news about Iverson’s monetary status is he spends more than he makes, yet still drives a Maybach. Where they do that at?

As part of his nasty on-going divorce, A.I. was asked to file legal papers that fully outline his fiscal predicament. Allen Iverson makes around $62,500 a month. However, his monthly expenses add up to $358,376.66. You’re probably wondering where Iverson’s money goes. So were we.

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According to Allen Iverson, he spends $125,749.33 on paying off his creditors like his jeweler and some of his mortgages. It should be noted Iverson’s mortgage bill will be reduced because one of his homes is about to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. A.I. also spends ten grand on clothes and groceries. Iverson drops another ten stacks for entertainment and eating at fancy restaurants.

Despite making more than $150 million in the NBA, Allen Iverson maintains he lands in the red to the tune of $295,876.66 each month. With all of the debt Iverson continuously stays in, he still rides around in his Maybach. Apparently, the Maybach was paid off before all of his money issues.



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