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Miami rapper Trina was riding on a high this week after celebrating a birthday and dropping a new mixtape. All of that is coming to a screeching halt. Trina is being sued for $50 million.

Omnipresent Media and Lawrence “Amar” Right filed a lawsuit against the former First Lady of Slip-N-Slide claiming she was paid to participate in the judging of the online competition series “America’s Next Top Rapper.” The event was set to happen in Dorchester, Mass. in December 2011. While the event went on, Trina was a no show. She did however deposit the check she received from Omnipresent Media.

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The media company is also alleging Trina and her camp didn’t do any promotion for the contest. The lawsuit states, “Plaintiff began to promote the event without the aid of the promotional material, plaintiffs were able to secure tens of thousands of dollars in contestant registration funds.”

In effort to get Trina to agree to the event, Omnipresent Media handled all of the expenses for Trina’s travel and hotel. They agreed to pay for Trina’s expenses if she helped with the promotion of the contest. the media company said, “Trina despite being paid to do so never attended or participated in the competition in any form or fashion as agreed.” With Trina not showing up, Omnipresent says the crowd became unruly and began heckling the contestants. The company never officially said how much they paid Trina, but they did make it clear she was paid half of her fee upfront.

With all of this going on, we wonder what happened to the winner of the contest. They were set to win a distribution deal with Universal Records, studio time with a “hit production team”, and $20,000. Did all of that just go away because Trina didn’t show up?



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