Former Adult Film star Sinnamon Love Skyped into Huffpost Live to add her unique perspective to a discussion on what makes “Amazing Sex.” The writer and mother was debating with several folks who were arguing whether marriage makes for the best kind of sex or if you can be successfully polyamorous.

On intimacy…

There are varied types of intimacy. I think that great sex comes from having a connection with someone, but that doesn’t have to be a love relationship. What I find for myself…I’ve had all kinds of sex…I’ve had barter sex in my relationships with my primary partner because I wanted to get a new dishwasher or I wanted to spend more money than was in my budget. So I bartered with my then boyfriend to make sure I could get something I needed for the house. The best sex I’ve had has been with someone I’m connected to, whether it’s a close friend or a love relationship.

On whether being in porn made her a better lover…

I definitely think it made me a better lover. I started out in the business when I was 19 and I’m 39 now….my sexual experiences have made me a better lover because I’ve learned a lot about myself, my body and what I’m interested in sexually. As well as being able to pick up subtle cues from partners about what they’re interested in. I’ve had the advantage of having taken tons of workshops and read books about these topics, how to negotiate your sexual interests with your partners. And I don’t think I would have had that it if I wasn’t in the business.

On being “Try”-Sexual…

The way you avoid people getting hurt when they’re having sex is being open and honest about your wants, needs and what your interests are. When you have these kinds of conversations with your sexual partners it makes for a better sexual experience all around… I’m very polyamorous and my partner is very traditionally monogamous and we’ve had conversations where he is learning how to express to new partners that he might be interested in having sex with, that he does have a primary partner at home. And that he’s not interested in a relationship with them just because he wants to have sex with them..


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