Oscar Award winning actor Jamie Foxx put his comedic chops on full display during this weekend’s episode of “Saturday Night Live.”Foxx is making the rounds promoting his upcoming film, “Django Unchained,” where he plays a slave on the hunt to find his wife.

With “Django…” as the springboard, Foxx launched into a monologue about Blackness in America that might make the folks at CNN cringe.

“The first four years were the white side of him,” he said describing  the re-elected President Obama.”He was dancing on Ellen and stuff. That was President Barry Gibb Obama…”

Then he went into a piano rendition of 2 Chainz “Birthday” song as if he was back on “In Living Color.” Watch the clip below.

Foxx followed up with a spoof of Tyler Perry’s “Alex Cross” film with guess what? A Madea mash-up sequel:

Hey, at least it wasn’t “Skank Robbers.” Props to our peeps at

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