Former NBA shining star turned epic loser Dennis Rodman has messed up again!

The douchebag supreme reportedly walked out on a $1,500 restaurant bill in Miami!!

Reports claimed Rodman and his entourage walked out on a $1k bill at the Ganesvoort South in Miami and the crew pulled the bad behavior at restaurant Philippe inside the Ganesvoort the next night.


“He was so wasted he couldn’t carry a sentence,” an onlooker dished to reporters. “After consuming $1,500 worth of food and drinks, “Dennis sneaks, or I should say stumbled, out of the restaurant. Then, his friends start leaving… until the manager picked up on it and presented the bill to the last three guests at the table.”

The Miami Beach Police Department were reportedly called to the hotel where the bill dramz was finally disputed.

We only hope Rodman paid his buds back!”

We hope he paid them back, it’s a recession you know!

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