West Coast rapper Game can’t seem to go a day without barking on somebody. This time he’s turned his eternal aggression on Fox News blogger Michelle Malkin for calling his Jesus Piece album cover blasphemous.

If you haven’t seen it already, Game’s album art work features a depiction of Jesus with a red bandana covering his face except for his eyes. The rapper’s illustration of Jesus also features Jesus wearing a Jesus piece. Behind him are two marijuana leaves painted on the stained glass windows.

Malkin called the album cover blasphemous and for some reason Game took exception to Malkin’s assessment of the artwork despite having heard others say the same exact thing when it was first released. He tweeted, “BOYCOTT @Michellemalkin NOW! She’s racist, & makin racial & blasphemous comments about my album. Same b!$&% said Obama isn’t AMERICAN RT.”

Never one to back down from a confrontation, Michelle Malkin fired back at Game via Twitter, “@thegame Aw, what’s wrong–is your trashy album not selling? Not afraid of you or your race-baiting misogynist gangstas.”

Since then, Game’s fans have assaulted Malkin’s mentions calling her a racist and making fun of her because she’s Asian. Malkin has egged the drama on by retweeting them and answering back with a smart remark.

Although I don’t support anything or anybody on Fox News, the truth is the album cover is blasphemous. It is what it is. If you want to buy the album, do so. If you don’t like the cover, don’t support the artist. It’s as simple as that. The problem is people are so into this “group think” mentality that if you have an opinion that differs from theirs, you’re automatically labeled a hater. Everybody just needs to have a damn seat.


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