New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez continues to get flack for not performing up to par on the football field. As if that weren’t enough to deal with, Sanchez is now receiving racist death threats on Twitter because of his poor performance.

A person with the handle @BraveGranCru began assaulting Sanchez’s mentions with threats of shooting up the New York Jets’ practice. the tweets became more frequent and increasingly aggressive to the point the NFL reached out to the New York Jets to investigate the threats.

The person behind the Twitter account is a self-described die-hard Jets fan and can’t cope with Sanchez’s terrible skills. He blames Mark Sanchez for the team losing. Since the NFL got involved with the situation, many news outlets have contacted @BraveGranCru for interviews and he is eating up the attention.

@BraveGranCru is still using his Twitter account and has no plans of shutting it down. Check out some of his tweets below.



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