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As with most newly popular celebrities, singer-songwriter Frank Ocean is allegedly being threatened with a million dollar lawsuit by his own estranged father.

Ocean, who largely keeps silent about personal issues on social media, blasted his father on Twitter after finding out about the lawsuit. Ocean tweeted, “father wanna sue me for a million. like i owe him back child support. weak individual bought me a swiss knife at 6yrs old then dipped on me.” The tweet has since been taken off of Frank Ocean’s timeline.

We have to wonder what brought on the lawsuit. This isn’t the first time Ocean has said something about his father. On a track lifted from nostalgia, ULTRA called “There Will Be Tears,” the New Orleans native sang, “My grandaddy was a player/Pretty boy in a pair of gators/See I met him later on/Think it was 1991/The only dad I’d ever know/But pretty soon he’d be gone too/Hide my face hide my face.”

Although we know Ocean is being sued for a million dollars by his father, we haven’t found out on what grounds the lawsuit is building itself upon. We will let you know as soon as details are revealed.



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