Mobile phone companies are pushing the content in their commercials into some increasingly sexually suggestive territory. Earlier this year Samsung scored a win with their “Work Trip” commercial where a wife “bumps” a video to her husband leaving for a flight, but warns him not to watch it on the plane.

Now Kevin Durant and Sprint have gotten our attention with their latest “Pajama” ad. Doodle Jump this is not.

To promote their new “Unlimited NBA” service The Oklahoma City Thunder All Star was drafted to play a husband who has overdosed on basketball to the point where he looks like a ball player. His son notices things are off with Daddy, but Mommy is ready to do lay-up drills of a whole new kind.

“He looks fine to me. Go play,” she says twisting her wedding band leering at Durant like he’s tall, chocolate fountain at Golden Corral. “Mommy has some things for daddy to do..”

You expect the next frame to be Durantula slam dunking mommy all against the backboard, but instead they cut (brilliantly) to Kev helping to clean the gutters above the garage.  Well played, Sprint. Well played.

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