With the failing auto industry it’s no surprise that autoworkers are among the people suffering the most in this country’s current recession.

Rapper Eminem and late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel are hoping to show a group of 200 laid-off workers a “good time” when they fly them to and from Los Angeles for a taping of the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

A representative for Eminem explained to the Detroit Free Press that, “In all the media coverage Detroit is getting, everyone forgets about the people that have lost their jobs without getting big cash payouts after dedicating themselves to the auto industry.”

The 200 autoworkers will attend the taping of the Jimmy Kimmel Show on Friday, May 15 and Eminem will appear on the show on May 19 and May 22. The autoworkers will also be treated to a secret show in Detroit.

On top of all of this Eminem’s upcoming album Relapse [click to read] will be released on May 15.

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