Erratic comedian Katt Williams is getting a taste of his own slapping medicine. The stand-up comic was hit with a tax lien to the tune of four million dollars.

According to the IRS, Money Mike didn’t shell out any of the $3.2 million in taxes he owed the government in 2008. On top of the whopping amount Katt Williams neglected to pay in 2008, he also never paid $829,352 in taxes for 2009. Don’t feel bad for Williams. He had similar problems last year when he was hit with a tax lien for not paying taxes in 2010.

This is the latest incident Katt can add to his version of “Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events.” In the past few months, Katt Williams has been arrested multiple times, become the defendant in a bunch of lawsuits, and has been carried off stage by his own security because the crowd began turning on him.

Will somebody get this guy some legitimate help? Anybody? Bueller?



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