The breakout star this artist definitely has to be Kendrick Lamar. With the success of his debut album, he, of course, is prepared to catapult his rising star. In an interview with GQ, he suggests that there will be a short film of Good Kid, m.A.A.d. City in the works.

GQ: The album is out and praised. What’s next?

Kendrick Lamar: Visuals… When I call it a short film, I don’t just call it that for the sake of the album. So that’s a hint.

GQ: Are you going to act in it, star in it, direct it? 

Kendrick Lamar: Directing for sure. I haven’t really thought about starring in it… I can, because it is me and my life.

GQ: Let’s say you weren’t going to star in it and you could have anyone in the world, who would you have play yourself?

Kendrick Lamar: Anyone in the world? It would have to be somebody… there’s one kid on The Wire,Tristan Wilds [who played Mike Lee].

GQ: Who would you have play your mom?

Kendrick Lamar: I probably get Taraji Henson.

GQ: Okay, okay. Sharane?

Kendrick Lamar: I would love to see Rihanna in my movie [laughs].

I, for one, would love to see a short film based on the album. With such imagery and story lines he used, who wouldn’t? Would you watch a “Good Kid, m.A.A.d. City” short film?

Check the rest of the GQ interview here.


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