Who knew that a team owned by arguably the greatest basketball player of all time could be so bad. Michael Jordan’s fierce competitiveness may be getting the better of him. After starting the season 7-5, the Charlotte Bobcats have lost 18 games in a row including a stunning defeat to the equally terrible New Orleans Hornets 98-95 after leading by 21 points.

As a player he had to be pulled from the game kicking and screaming, but with repeated failed attempts at ownership, first with the Washington Wizards where he believed coming back to the court for a third time was the cure for  the team’s ills, and now with the Charlotte Bobcats, it may be time for His Airness to get out the boardroom with whatever dignity he has left.

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The talk was Mike did not know what he was doing behind the scenes in Washington (with personnel decisions like taking Kwame Brown with the first overall pick in the 2001 draft) and it is clear something is not right in Charlotte. The Bobcats set the single season record for futility (by percentage points) in the strike-shortened season last year under his watch and after amassing as many wins in the first month of the season than all of 2011, they have found a way to bring the glare of the negative press right back on themselves with this losing streak. Maybe BET founder Bob Johnson knew more than he let on when he sold the franchise to Jordan.

It is definitely killing Jordan to watch what is happening on the court, but what is he going to do come back at 50?

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