Now that Marvel has solidified their domination of the superhero franchise with the mind-blowing success of last year’s Avengers, all systems are go in cranking out sequels to their other franchise properties. In addition to Thor: Dark World, Captain America 2Iron Man 3,  and Amazing Spider-Man 2,  X-Men returns in 2014 with Days of Future Past.

Based on the wildly popular 1981 comic book, “Days of Future Past” deals with a darker, alternate future where mutants are hunted down and imprisoned at internment camps.  Most of the cast from previous X-Men movies (Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, Ian McKellan) will appear in the fifth X-Men installment,  but there is no official word if Halle Berry will return as the beautiful and powerful Ororo Munroe/Storm.

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In light of Berry’s tumultuous personal life, chances are she may sit this one out.  If so, The Urban Daily has rounded up five actresses who could easily slip into the role of our favorite Egyptian mutant.

Yaya DaCosta Alafia

One of the most successful alumnae from “America’s Next Top Model” Cycle 3, Yaya wisely capitalized on her 15 minutes of fame by making the jump into television, film and theater.  Whether she’s a spoiled boarding school brat with mommy issues on “Ugly Betty,”  a grieving young widow in The Messenger or a bodacious, free loving hipster in The Kids Are All Right Yaya brings passion and a sense of urgency to all her roles. Those enviable cheekbones and willowy, dancer physique would make her an ideal Storm.

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Zoe Saldana

A black actress with crossover appeal, Zoe’s come a long way from shaking her pom-poms for Nick Cannon in Drumline. After years of grinding away on  the black indie film circuit, Zoe hit pay dirt when she starred in two sci-fi blockbusters in 2009- Avatar where she played Neytiri, a fierce warrior princess and Star Trek as Officer Uhura.  Besides solid acting chops, Zoe is a bad ass action star, as witnessed in 2011’s revenge thriller Colombiana.  Taking on the role of Storm could definitely mend some fences between herself and the African-American community over the recent “black face” pictures leaked from the set of the upcoming Nina Simone biopic.

Danai Gurira

Easily one of the most fascinating (and deadly) characters on the AMC hit series “The Walking Dead” is the no nonsense, sword-wielding Michonne, played to perfection by newcomer Danai Gurira.  Even in a male-dominated landscape, Gurira ‘s Michonne stands alone with her steely resolve, and can believably engage in hand-to-hand combat with men twice her size.  Casting Gurira could expand Hollywood’s myopic view when it comes to darker skinned black beauty.

Naomie Harris

This British transplant has the distinct honor of being the fifth actress to join the ranks of the very exclusive Black Bond Girls club.  Skyfall’s billion dollar box office is due in no small part to Harris’ role as Eve, an ambitious  field agent who gets her flirt on with 007, while wisely keeping his hands out of her “cookie jar.”  Naomie is regal, elegant and can bring a worldly sophistication to the lightening wielding mutant. 


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Kerry Washington

This “gladiator in a skirt” made history as the first African-American actress to helm a prime time network drama in 38 years on ABC.  Thursday nights are now synonymous with “Scandal”,  the  oh so juicy political sudser where Kerry  stunts as high powered crisis manager Olivia Pope.  She convincingly moves from ball buster to fragile at the bat of an eyelash, and her unique mix of strength and vulnerability keep millions of viewers tuned in weekly.  Kerry’s resume is proof positive she is one of the finest actresses of our generation and a role as iconic as Storm would be the proverbial icing on the cake.

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