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Nas opened up about her numerous Grammy nods, the highly debated track “Daughters,” plus whether or not he and Lauryn Hill will ever make music again in a new interview with the Associated Press. Nas also revealed that he’s already at work on his 12th album. If you listen quietly, you can hear Uncle Sam and Kelis clicking their champagne glasses in anticipation.

AP: “Daughters” isn’t a typical contemporary rap song. How’s it feel to see that one garner attention at the Grammys?

Nas: I’m really proud of that song. Just writing it, I’m like, “I’m going through something in my life with me and my family,” and I don’t think about who’s going to hear it at that point because it’s that personal. …The fact that it made the final cut of the album; the fact that it became a single was great enough for me. Like, wow. And then to be acknowledged by the Grammys is mind-blowing.

AP: What does your daughter think of the song?

Nas: I don’t know. She never really told me. It was just a thing. She’s used to me making music and she’s used to me doing things, doing songs that are personal. Never (songs) about her that are so personal, but I think part of her just knows that this was something that was weighing heavy on my heart and I think she gave me a pass for that. I don’t think she was always too happy about it. It’s different. It’s not like she’s a fan of it. She’s my daughter, so it’s a different relationship; a little touchy.

AP: You recently toured with Lauryn Hill. What was that like?

Nas: She’s almost like someone from a different era. …She possesses this aura of someone like Roberta Flack, Nina Simone — it’s almost like you’re with them, on tour with that person. And sometimes it’s even more advanced for the audience; the audience is used to dealing with microwave music, so to have someone like Ms. Lauryn Hill onstage, they might not understand, they haven’t seen artists like that before, and I feel like I’m with someone that’s like, beyond me.

AP: Will you record music together again?

Nas: I don’t know. I would love to. It’s really about sitting down and really cracking into it. She’s a real serious artist.

AP: Are you working on new music now?

Nas: Yes. It has started. I must tell you. I can’t stop now. I’m in a great zone.

You can read the rest of the Q&A at the Associated Press.


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