It’s stories like these that make us want to smack somebody in the IRS offices. Music legend Stevie Wonder was just hit with a $40 tax lien. Yes, you read correctly.

The State of California hit Wonder with two separate tax liens that total the meager amount of money. What’s really bad about the situation is the cost of collecting the back taxes is more than double the amount of the tax liens. The collection and penalty fees add up to $98. So all in all, Stevie Wonder owes the government $138.

Seriously?! You hit someone with a tax lien for $40? Stevie Wonder probably spends more on a facial or something. With all of his royalties from his mountain of hits, we know he can pay it off, but was it really necessary for the IRS to go through all of that for that amount of money? The IRS needs to get bigger problems.



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