Teddy Riley does not want his daughter to just get paid. Well, not from something she didn’t earn anyway. The king of new jack swing is suing his daughter, Taja Riley, for copyright infringement.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Taja claimed writing credits for the 2009 Lady Gaga song “Teeth” which Gaga actually wrote and Teddy composed the music. Yikes! Teddy said Taja was “desirous of starting her own career in the music and entertainment business.” In the complaint, it states that Teddy wanted to give his other daughter, Deja, a boost in the music world, so she actually has a credit on the song.

In addition, Teddy is also included EMI and Sony/ATV in the lawsuit for copyright infringement, fraudulent copyright registration, unfair competition and accounting.

This isn’t the first time Teddy and Taja have gone at it. Back in 2009, Taja accused Teddy of beating her with a Rock Band guitar controller. Clearly, they have unresolved issues. We will see how this story unfolds.

Do you think Teja deserves a credit on the song?

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