In a rumor I don’t believe, but I’m going to share anyway because it makes me laugh news, apparently Diddy and/or Cassie wants Cassie knocked up. Why? Because it’s about time those two love birds set it up and make it official. And really, these days what legitimizes a contemporary love affair more than a bountiful child support check from a wealthy celebrity? However, do you really think Cassie is ready to stop her longstanding dream of sneaking a one or three more hits past Rihanna to leave VH1’s American dream this early in her life?

I don’t know, but here’s Ill Seed from All Hip Hop on those who gossip otherwise:

But there are new rumors bubbling. Just as the headline says, I’m hearing the pair are looking to have a kid. They reportedly want to ease into the lock down phase of life. Some have suggested that it is Cassie the really wants to have the kid with Diddy, but maybe The Bad Boy Supreme has had a change of heart. You know there are other rumors that they are planning to get married soon. There are other rumors that perhaps Diddy is still tapping Kim Porter’s well, but who cares? Cassie has won!

I wish she was just a bit more popular…she she would be on the cover of GQ or Complex.

Pretty sure she’s already had a Complex cover and at least a recent shoot in GQ, but totally get that point all the same. She has great music. No, she’s nobody songbird, but that doesn’t really matter in pop now does it?


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