Tashera Simmons is the ex-wife of rapper DMX. She appears on TLC channel’s docu-series “Starter Wives Confidential.”

Tashera says she met DMX (real name Earl Simmons) when she was 11 years old. They began dating when they were 18 and she considers him her childhood sweetheart.

The couple became married in 1998 and have four children together; three boys and one girl.  Their oldest child is 19 but Tashera has joked that, “I really feel like I have five  kids because X is like one of my kids, too.”

After DMX admitted to having six children with other women their relationship became strained. The couple appeared on Vh1’s “Couples Rehab” in one final attempt to save their marriage. However, during a moment of rage DMX admitted on the show that he never wanted to get married.

While she has filed for divorce, Tashera doesn’t plan on changing her name.

“For one, I don’t like my maiden name and two because all my children are Simmons and I love my children to death,” she told Power 105.1’s Cherry Martinez. “Unless I get remarried then of course I will.”

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