Considering Atlanta rapper T.I. has been in and out of prison because of firearms, he is constantly asked to share his opinion about the new proposed laws President Obama‘s trying to put in place.

T.I. was recently a guest on “Larry King Now” where he talked about his unique views on gun control. While T.I. sends his thoughts and prayers to all of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, he doesn’t believe banning firearms is the solution. Tip told King that if guns are banned, you leave law abiding citizens vulnerable because the only people who would have guns would be the ones willing to break the law.

While Tip doesn’t want guns completely banned, he does think there needs to be a more exhaustive process in being able to purchase guns. T.I. suggests there need to be mental exams as part of the gun purchasing process. Not only does Tip think mental stability test need to be put in place, he also says gun owners’ mental health should be evaluated on a yearly basis. He ended the conversation by saying, “Just having a clean record shouldn’t be good enough.”

What do you think about what T.I. had to say about gun control? Does he have a right to talk considering his background? Sound off in the comments.


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