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Executive Producer Jamie Foxx and MTV presents yet another mind-numbingly dumb reality TV show. “From G’s to Gents” premieres (peep the trailer in The Daily Clip) tonight (July 15) on MTV at 10 ET and is surely to follow in its predecessor’s footsteps, like “I Love New York” and “Flavor of Love.”

The new series features 14 thugs who are taken from the Hood and taught etiquette and decorum in hopes of leaving their hard edges behind and being buffed and polished into charming gentlemen; that and a 100 thousand dollar prize for the most gentle gentleman.

The series will feature weekly guests who will try and turn these boys’ lives around; the guests will include food expert Tim Allen, mogul Master P and designer Ozwald Boateng. If you are looking for drama that is so ridiculous it will make you feel better about your own life, this is the show for you to tune in to. We’re thinking if the shows “Charm School” and “Kept” mated and made a baby, that baby would be called “From G’s to Gents.”

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