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I’m going to have to call upon the almighty Jesus after seeing the video I just saw. Erratic rock singer Courtney Love decided she was going to sing one of Jay-Z’s songs since he quotes her deceased husband Kurt Cobain so much. The thing is where Jay-Z makes mention of the popular rock star, Love just desecrated Jay’s hit “99 Problems.”

At a recent concert, Courtney Love took her acoustic guitar and tried her hand at being a rapper for a few minutes. It’s not a good look on her. While she doesn’t change the lyrics when it comes time to utter the n-word, she does alter the last line so it days, “I got 99 problems and being a b***h ain’t one.”

Since I literally survived the three-minute video of Courtney Love butchering “99 Problems,” I thought I’d look to see how many other white pop stars have done terrible covers of Jay-Z. I found one of The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers doing “Empire State of Mind” something awful. Oh and let’s not forget Katy Perry’s ridiculous cover of N***as In Paris.” Oh yeah and Justin Bieber’s “Otis” freestyle is pretty bad too. Check those two out below.



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