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Before Brian McKnight was singing instructions to women on how to work their woman parts, Tweet was giving step-by-step instructions on Jilling for the world to hear.  2002’s “Oops Oh My” flirted with radio censors, seductively detailing the chocolate songbird’s striptease as she prepared to double-click her mouse.  The sexy first single from  her debut “Southern Hummingbird” helped the project chart at number three on the Billboard 200.

Over a decade later she is back to kick off her third album (she released “It’s Me Again” in 2005)  with the song, “Enough,” the first song from her forthcoming “Simply Tweet” EP.

The soulful lament finds Tweet at the end of a relationship and resolving to move on, but not before giving her ex a piece of her mind.

“I’m tired and I know you ain’t worth it…”

Is it hot or not?

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