The action movie genre may be dominated by mainstream actors, but Alex Cross stands alone.  Created by author best-selling author James Patterson, Alex Cross is far from your average detective. Armed with street smarts and a Ph.D in psychology from John Hopkins, Cross has taken down the most twisted serial killers, all while keeping his faith in humanity intact.

With the resurrection of the “Alex Cross” franchise starring Tyler Perry, we list five things you should know about  D.C.’s hardest working detective.

  1. Alex Cross is a good ole Southern boy– Although Detective Cross calls the nation’s capitol his home, his family roots are actually based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  Cross lost his mother to lung cancer when he was nine, and his father, a heavy drinker, died a year later.  Young Alex was sent to live in D.C. with his grandmother Regina Cross aka “Nana Mama.”
  1. Alex Cross was James Patterson’s answer to Hollywood’s racist stereotypes – In an interview with Rolling Out magazine, the author of Alex Cross explained why creating Alex Cross was so important. “I grew up in a town that was very mixed. [I] watched what Hollywood was doing back in those days in terms of stereotyping black people with a boom box in every scene, for example, and I didn’t find that to be true.  So, I wanted to create a hero that was an over-the-top, larger-than-life African American male, who was anti-stereotype, very good with his family, well-educated, articulate and could be heroic.”
  1. Alex Cross was the “Black Widower” – Although Alex Cross seems like the perfect man, he did seem to have the worst luck with his love life.  His first wife Maria was killed in a drive-by shooting, his one-time fiancée Jezzie Flanigan was executed by lethal injection for her involvement in kidnapping two children, and fellow FBI agent Betsy Cavalierre was murdered by a serial killer called The Master Mind.  But all’s well that ends well- Cross found true love with police detective Brianne “Bree” Stone, who he married in the 2010 book “Cross Fire.”
  1. Heroism runs in the family – in the fifteenth Alex Cross novel “Alex Cross Trial” readers experience a meta storyline in which Cross publishes a novel about his great uncle Abraham Cross, who partners with attorney Ben Corbett in 1906 to investigate a series of lynchings by the Klu Klux Klan in Eudora, Mississippi.
  1. They wanted to whitewash “Alex Cross” – Can you imagine a blonde haired, blue eyed Alex Cross?  When Hollywood wanted to option Patterson’s first novel “Along Came a Spider” an unnamed studio wanted to cast a White actor. Patterson stuck to his guns, accepting an offer from Paramount Pictures and Morgan Freeman stepped into the role.  “Along Came A Spider” opened April 6, 2001, with a #2 rank and banking $16 million its opening weekend.

Based on the worldwide best-selling novels by James Patterson, “Alex Cross” comes to DVD, Blu-ray, and Digital Download on February 5.

Pre-order today:


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