In the late 90s I was introduced to the French R&B group Les Nubians. I didn’t understand a word the two sisters from Paris were saying, but their voices and music were pleasant to my ears and staid in rotation. A lot of American artists will also tell you that they can tour overseas and have the crowd recite their lyrics word-for-word despite speaking little to no English. Music is just universal that way.

With that spirit in mind, I’m offering up a new mix from friend of the sight, DJ Just Dizle, featuring French hip-hop artists:

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you my latest project dedicated to french Hip-Hop, strictly new and dope music from Deen Burbigo to Vicelow, from Zoxea to Triptik to Joke, i think you should check it out, yes even if you don’t speak French

Now that you’ve lost your collective minds to “N*ggas In Paris” find out what the Black folk in France are actually up to:

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