On January 6, 2013 video girl Pebbelz Da Model (real name Natasha Stewart) was arrested along with another woman in connection to a homicide in Mississippi.

An Atlanta woman named Karima Gordon died after having her buttocks injected with cement and Stewart was believed to be an accomplice to the crime. She plead not guilty in court on January 17th and maintains her innocence.

In this interview with VLADTV  DJ Kay Slay, who featured her on the cover of his “Straight Stuntin” magazine, comes to Pebbelz defense.

“It’s not her personality. I think she got caught up in something somebody else was doing,” he says.”Pebbelz is a beautiful person. That’s not her. I could say she did not do that to somebody.”

Watch the clip to hear what else he has to say about the situation and the drama between Coco and rapper AP9.


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