The sport of boxing suffered a loss. Super welter weight fighter Omar Henry died on Friday in Chicago after a fast bout with gall bladder cancer. What makes this worse is Henry tweeted that all he really wanted to do was make it to see his 26th birthday. He succumbed just seven days before his birthday.

Omar Henry was a great boxer and dreamed of becoming the greatest super welter weight fighter the sport had ever seen. He was well on his way toward that goal with a record of 12-0-1. In November of 2012, Henry was training for a fight he was supposed to have on the 16th and went to the doctor because he was feeling a little ill. That’s when it was discovered he had Stage 4 gall bladder cancer.

Though his health was rapidly deteriorating, Henry remained staunchly optimistic. He posted a message on his Facebook that read:

I got exactly less than 1 month left until my 26th birthday February 8. Hopefully I live to see it. I really have been getting a lot of support with kind words and prayers from all over the world with this battle with cancer. Thank you and I will continue to fight for us!!!!

In one of the last messages posted on Omar Henry’s Facebook page, he wrote:

To all my friends and loyal fans I want to inform you all that I am fighting the fight of my life against a disease known as gallbladder cancer. While lm in this current state I am fighting with my family by my side and I will not go down for the count. I am a champion who has chosen to fight not just for myself but for those who’s faith is believing in what u cant see, and i will continue to fight!!!!!and fight!!!!!and fight!!!!!till I knock this sickness out. Your love and support mean the most to me, your prayers are prayers not only to me but to others like me. Please be advised l am grateful for any and all support in any kind of way please inbox me. My family has continued to be by my side, and its hard for them as well. I want to thank God for unconditional love and unconditional fans.

Rest In Peace Omar Henry!



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