From Nawlins cop to new baby daddy, actor Anthony Anderson has played many parts. Starring in “Guys With Kids” and “Law & Order” has kept him busy, but the role of host for the recent U.N.C.F. “Night Of Stars,” was one the Howard University alumnus was most excited about.

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The bi-coastal funny man sat down with  before a taping of “106th & Park” to explain how much of a “troubled student” he really was and how you can manage to be a fan of the Knicks, the Lakers and the Clippers “at the same damn time.”

THEURBANDAILY: Sitting here with my bo– the dude known as Anthony Anderson. What’s good sir?

Anthony Anderson: You can say I’m your boy m*fucka… you ain’t got to st-st-stutter!

Man, you’re too well dressed and you already cursed at me for taking your Snapple. I can’t claim you as a friend yet…

Obviously we must be friends. You already took my Snapple! Aaand you took the all-natural Kiwi-Strawberry, which was the only one I had in the bucket, which is my favorite!

If it makes you feel any better, it went terrible with the pretzels I stole.

Oh well you can have the pretzels… I was giving those away anyway.

Giving away…great segue into your philanthropy. How did you become a part of the United Negro College Fund program?

BET and the United Negro College Fund reached out to me and asked me to host an evening of the stars for them. And along with hosting, agreed to give me money to give a $25,000 scholarship to a student or students for as long as I’m hosting the show. So I couldn’t turn that down [having attended an] HBCU myself. Going to Howard University, not having the resources to finish school, growing up in a house where we watched the Lou Rawls telethon and we didn’t have much to give but my father and mother called and gave, coming full circle now to me hosting that event and giving money myself… all that is what attracted me.

I heard you were a troubled student at Howard but still managed to graduate. How’d you do that?

Well… somebody is fudging the truth. I was a troubled student…

Was that financial trouble or “I’m-smoking-weed-on-the-quad” trouble?

Well um… I plead he 5th on the weed part…

Well done.

…Because it didn’t happen at the Quad. I had financial trouble. That’s why I relish being the host of U.N.C.F.’s Night of the Stars because I know what it’s like first hand. And to be in the position to give back now is definitely a blessing.

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Now since you’ve seen the UNCF show, tell us who rocked their sets.

Charlie Wilson rocked, uncle Charlie got busy. If you’ve never seen a Charlie Wilson show, when Charlie comes to town, you need to go.

Word? Are the braids still murder?

The braids are gone now! He has a low fro now. He got rid of the braids.

First the Fugees gon break up….

(Laughs) All of the performances were great man. I just have an affinity for Charlie Wilson. But Faith was great. Keyshia Cole was great. Tyrese was great. Tyrese even came out and sang with uncle Charlie. Eric Benet did his thing, so it was just a great all-around show, performance wise and with everybody who gave scholarships.

Ok so…


I’m going to have to write that part down in all caps.

That’s all I’m saying… AND Yolanda Adams! C’mon you know you gotta have a little gospel, you gotta pray to Jesus to give money to the kids! Thank ya Jesus! Hallelujah (Speaks in tongues)

And now… this is happening.

E-G-E-L-L-O-C… E-G-E-L-L-O-C!! That’s just ‘college’ spelled backwards. So if you ever hear anybody say that they just spelling college backwards, they ain’t really caught the Holy Ghost.

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