It’s an unfortunate reality of movies that certain cliches get used as crutches for dramatic effect. One of the most popular tropes is some chatty person inexplicably walking into the street only to be hit by a silent but deadly bus.

I mean, how is that they NEVER hear a two ton bus coming down the street? I live in a large metropolitan city and you can hear a bus growling a mile away. Are these all electric buses? Hover craft? Oh well. But since when did movies make sense? And then we wouldn’t get this great video.

So enjoy this clip from Supercut pro Harry Hanran who compiled bus,car and truck hits from over 90 movies (CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL LIST OF MOVIES).

Yes, a few Black folk catch the L (Tracey Morgan, James Earl Jones, Harold Perinaeu, etc) but we all know not every brotha was down with the Bus Boycott life. They’re going under the bus, too.

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