In the week leading up to Michael Jordan’s 50th birthday LeBron James set an NBA record for consecutive 30-point games with a field goal percentage of at least 60 percent. In layman’s terms, LeBron has been more efficient than anybody in consistently putting up a whole lot of points.

This achievement reignited the never-ending (and premature) LeBron vs Jordan as greatest ever debates, leading many to ask: “But what about Kobe?”  Unfortunately, the Lakers dismal season has given some sports nuts temporary amnesia and Black Mamba’s five rings have become an afterthought, except to Michael Jordan.

When asked who he’d pick between Kobe and LeBron Jordan answered, in grand Instagram meme fashion, that he’d pick Kobe because “5 beats 1,” alluding to the number of championship rings each player has.

So to kick-off the NBA All-Star weekend LeBron was given an opportunity to respond to Jordan’s pick.

“At the end of the day rings don’t define someone’s career,” James said diplomatically. “If that’s the case I would say I’d pick Bill Russell over Jordan, but I wouldn’t. Russell has 11 rings, Jordan has six. Would I take Robert Horry over Kobe? I wouldn’t.”

Watch his full answer below:

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