Legendary music executive Clive Davis is known for having worked with the biggest names in the music industry like Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys, and Aretha Franklin. In his new memoir “The Soundtrack of My Life,” Clive Davis revealed he is a gay man.

In the book, Davis never comes out and says he’s gay, but he does talk about his “bisexual life.” Clive Davis, 80, has been married and divorced twice and began sleeping with men in the era of Studio 54. His first encounter with a guy is detailed in a five-page section where he wote, “On this night, after imbibing enough alcohol, I was open to responding to his sexual overtures.” Before this night at Studio 54, Clive Davis said he had only been with women.

Clive Davis also said he divorced his second wife after “self-analysis and soul-searching” in 1985. Following his divorce, Davis claims he carried on two simultaneous relationships with women and a secret gay relationship. In 1990, Davis admits to beginning a full-fledged relationship with a male doctor that lasted until 2004. After that break up, Davis got into another relationship with a man who he is still with today.

In the book, the legendary record executive says his lifestyle did put a strain on the relationship he had with his son for a time. But after a “trying year,” he and his son reconciled.

The whole book isn’t a big coming out party. Clive Davis dedicated a whole chapter to his work with Whitney Houston and printed the letter he wrote to her after seeing her performance at the 2001 Michael Jackson tribute concert. He also talks about clashing with Kelly Clarkson and her management team over her ill received 2007 “My December” album. Another gem in the book is how he got the boot from Arista in 1999 which led him to launch J records with Alicia keys.

Get your copy of “The Soundtrack of My Life” which is in stores today.



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