Olympic track star Oscar Pistorius was granted bail in the murder case of Pistorius’ supermodel girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. The judge believes the Olympian nicknamed Blade Runner isn’t a flight risk.

A South African judge decided to grant Pistorius bail because he felt with Pistorius’ fame and the fact he is a double amputee, he wouldn’t be able to flee the country without being seen. Pistorius’ legal team made sure to mention that every time the Olympic runner passes through security, the alarms are triggered due to the blades he uses to walk and run with. Another factor in the judge’s decision is he felt the prosecution failed to prove Pistorius had a history of violence.

The prosecution is trying to argue the athlete murdered his girlfriend in cold blood and tried to make it seem as though he was defending himself from an intruder. “He planned it that night when she locked herself in [the bathroom].”

Oscar Pistorius’ lawyer is pushing for the charge to be lowered to “culpable homicide” which means while he is the one who pulled the trigger, it was a tragic mistake.

What do you think about Oscar Pistorius being granted bail?



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