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Actor and director Ben Affleck took home the big prize at the 85th Academy Awards when his film “Argo” was tapped as Best Picture.  Affleck, who was snubbed in Best Director category, was happy to receive his second trophy since Best Original Screenplay win for  “Good Will Hunting” in 1998.

Despite his limited experience in statue holding, Affleck really has a knack for how to carry his Mooby. He keeps it close while maintaining a subtle cool. Masculine without being macho. Check out how he holds his trophy compared to some of his peers.

The “Rock Covers Paper”

The “Beer Tap”

The “Illuminati Stare”

The “Reverse Dumbbell”

The “Buddy Christ”

And his peers Chris Terrio, Christopher WaltzAng Lee and Quentin Tarantino demonstrate how NOT to hold your Oscar..

The “Cradle”

The “Constipated Kissy Face”

The “Heisman”

The “B**ch Where’s My Money?”

Got it? Good. Now go forth and win like a man.

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