TMZ is reporting that Mel B aka Scary Spice, had a hard time on the set of her new gig at “America’s Got Talent”. The New Orleans crowd turned on the new judge for her comments to AGT contestants that were auditioning for the show. Apparently Mel thought it was a good idea to tell a brass band in the N.O. that she didn’t enjoy brass bands! At that point the crowd went wild, but not in a good way! According to TMZ the audience started yelling things like,”Go home,” and “No respect.”.

Girl, didn’t you even know where you were?! This would be the equivalent of an American judging Britain’s Got Talent and saying to contestants in London, I think the Queen is a witch!

Cities have time honored traditions and cultures, you just don’t go in and disrespect that. Nick Cannon should have taken her to the side and explained the way things go in the various cities that she would be visiting ahead of time. We’re just saying, it would probably be a good look if she understood what will or will not work in America if she wants to judge America’s got talent!

P.S. Mel, just a little nugget of wisdom for you; when you get to NYC, under no circumstances should you say the Giants suck. You will thank us later!


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