According to Bossip Michael Vick is once again on the hot seat for getting a dog. Dog Organizations across the country are up in arms about the type of breed that Vick purchased. Belgian Malinois are very trainable dogs that are often used in the military and law enforcement, so this must mean that Vick intends to fight it with other dogs right? Wrong!

How do any of these people know that this dog was not picked out by Vick’s own children? Do they know whether or not he wants the dog for protection? Do they even know if Vick knew what type of dog it was when he purchased it? Often times people fall in love with a puppy not even thinking about what it will be later on as it grows.

But even bigger still, hasn’t the man demonstrated by now that he gets it? Or that he knows that all of the eyes of the public are on him simply for having another dog? C’mon people, you don’t expect someone who went to jail for burning down houses to never live in another house. There have been people convicted of a lot worse who have seen a lot less of the backlash. So how about we let Mike Vick take his puppy to Pet’s Smart and get it trained without a collective spazz attack! He did the time, he paid a huge price and is trying his best to be a good citizen. Maybe it’s time for everyone to let him!


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