According to our sisters at HelloBeautiful, Chris Brown is among several men who are desperately in need of a hug. After his latest blow-up at a bowling alley over a $10 valet fee, we think Chris could use some more good tidings. Maybe even a gift.

Chris Brown Threatens Bowling Alley Valet Over $10 [UPDATE]

So here are ten $10 gifts that we’d like to give Chris Brown to help improve his mood. [Hat tip to for the ideas.]

1. Transformers 3D Helmet:

Why just rock those 3D glasses at the theater when you can have a whole an entire helmet? This could also help the “I’mma Transform You” singer get back in touch with his inner child and find some peace.

2. Beer & Pretzel Marshmallows

Maybe he just had the munchies and REALLY needed to get to his car. This would solve that problem.


For those moments when you break a few windows or a few bottles, having this space age glue nearby would come in handy to fix a mess in a hurry.

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