As a die hard ATCQ fan, this post is harder to write than you know! Seems like if this could just go unreported then maybe it would’t be true! But since that isn’t reality, this must be done.

So, sorry fellow Tribe heads, but our friends over at Hip Hop DX are reporting that  per a recent interview with MontrealityAli Shaheed Muhammad confirmed that no new Tribe music is in the pipeline.

Many fans hoped that due to the success of  the recent Tribe Documentary Beats, Rhymes & Life, that maybe the fellas would have reconsidered.  But it just doesn’t seem so judging from the interview Shaheed recently gave. However, if fans actually paid attention to the documentary, then they must admit to understanding why there is no new music in the works.

Here’s the video of the interview below:

But never say never isn’t just a Bieber saying! We can all hope, wish and even pray that they might wake up one morning and think, “Hey, we should work on some new material!” Well, we can dream can’t we? Until then, let’s enjoy a song or two that they’ve already given us shall we?


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