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Who is Chris Bosh’s wife? Chris Bosh is married to Adrienne Williams (sometimes referred to as Adrienne Bosh or Adrienne Williams-Bosh), a former model who, depending who you believe, has something of a shady past.

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In February 2013, while onstage in Houston, rapper Lil Wayne put Williams on blast, telling the audience that he’d had sexual relations with Williams years before her 2011 marriage to the Miami Heat power forward. “F— LeBron, f— She-Wade, f— Chris Bosh, f— all them n—as, man,” Weezy said. “And, and, and, I f—ed Chris Bosh wife.”

Now, Lil Wayne had reason to diss Bosh and his team—days earlier, the rapper had been ejected from a Heat-Lakers game for bad behavior and subsequently banned from all NBA events—but is what he says about Adrienne Williams-Bosh true? As per, Williams, aka “Short Stack,” was once a fixture in the Atlanta hip-hop club scene, and sources say the Cincinnati native scammed Weezy out of a large sum of money.

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As the story goes, she told Wayne she had cancer, and after he gave her $10,000, she made off with the cash. The incident inspired a 2007 freestyle rap, IB Times reports, in which the rapper hurled the following accusation: “What about the time in New York when the shorty told you she had cancer. Had you in the room all teary eyed and then you give her a check for 10 thousand. Then they called you the next day and tell you she ain’t got cancer.”

Whether that’s true, we know for certain that Adrienne Williams — a 5-foot beauty who’s appeared in such magazines as “Smooth”— and Chris Bosh have two children. She gave birth to the second, a boy named Jackson, in May 2012, and Bosh famously flew from New York, where the Heat were midway through an Eastern Conference playoff series with the Knicks, back home to Miami to witness the birth of his son. He then jetted back to the Big Apple and arrived at Madison Square Garden a mere 29 minutes before the tip-off of game three. Bosh played 37 minutes and grabbed 10 rebounds in the 87-70 victory, and Adrienne tweeted about the whirlwind visit, writing, “”Thank God for private flights…Hurry home Baby.”

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