Pay Attention. His name is Brook D’Leau. Her name is Jack Davey. She is the leggy vocalist with the Mohawk coiffure that threatens men with pregnancy. He is the Electro-funk-hip-hop sonic manipulator. Together they are the genre-defying but thoroughly entertaining duo called J*DaVeY.

After building a pocket-rocket level buzz with their Prince-meets-No Doubt swagger, the L.A. based team is busy promoting their independent release The Beauty in Distortion/The Land of The Lost. The raunchy video for “Mr. Mister” continues to titillate fans across the country as they prepare their untitled debut for Warner Bros records. The Urban Daily asked the tandem about about groupie therapy and if being once bitten has made men twice shy.

TUD: So Jack, you’re the lady. And Brook, you’re the gentleman. Do you ever get tired of correcting people who mix it up?

JACK: No, of course [not]. We’re the ones who made it difficult, so we own up to it.

BROOK: But it’s fun to watch people mess that up all the time. I find it funny. It’s partly the reason why some people might be intrigued, you know? [laughs]

TUD: And the “Mr. Mister” video with the robot in bed is part of it too. Maybe.

JACK: [laughs]

BROOK: It might have a small part to do with it.

TUD: Did you buy the crash test dummy dinner first before, at least?

JACK: No, I made him buy me dinner.

TUD: Ha! Chivalry is not dead. So what does the title The Beauty In Distortion mean?

BROOK: I think The Beauty In Distortion came from a handful of different experiences that we had piecing that record together. We had been sitting on songs for 3 years. A lot of those songs are two-tracks from our hard drives cut a few years ago, and the only things that were really salvaged from it were these two-tracks. They were really intended to be more so demos as opposed to full-length songs that are going on an album.

TUD: Is that why “Division of Joy” is so short? Because that’s my favorite song and it’s like “songus-interuptus…”

JACK: Yeah, exactly. Exactly.

BROOK: [laughs] You know what’s crazy about that too? We started that song and for some oddball reason…I mean, even though I’m not necessarily the most qualified mixer, I’m like, ‘let me put some effects, and let me do that, and chop this part in the meantime while we finish the song.’ And so I did all that, burned the two-track, and I think within a month or two the hard drive crashed. But wouldn’t you rather get just a taste of something really good as opposed to being overwhelmed by something that’s just okay?

TUD: Leave ‘em wanting more, I definitely feel you on that. Jack, I was listening to one of the live performances on The Land Of The Lost where you’re performing “No More” and you ask the men in the audience who wanted to have your baby. So I was wondering: what are the ideal circumstances for that conception to take place?

JACK: [laughs] I don’t know! You mean someone I would like to engage myself with?

Well, it’s just an interesting thing being a female frontperson, because, you know, dealing with…not groupies, dealing with fans that would like to have the chance to [quote unquote] “be impregnated by” you. It’s this amazing thing. It was something funny that a friend of mine told me backstage. And I just thought it was so funny. And even guys are groupies to a certain extent, for female artists. That’s why I generally challenge the men in the audience, try to take them on, just to, you know…

[laughs] I don’t know. I just like to mess with them and scare them and make them uncomfortable. I like to connect to male fans because most of the songs on the record are very sexually driven. A lot of them are begging and pleading for some man to come to bed with me, so that definitely comes across very widely on stage. It’s just some fun vamp, tease.

TUD: You also said you don’t bite unless “you want me to.” So when’s the last time you bit somebody?

JACK: Not any time recently, because nobody has asked me to.

TUD: Awww, that’s bad.

BROOK: [laughs]

JACK: It doesn’t happen that often, because obviously no one wants to get bitten.

TUD: Oh no…

JACK: It’s a sad state of affairs. I mean, I don’t think anybody wants me to bite them. So they’re never going to ask me, it’s just not going to happen. It would be fun, though. It would be nice.

TUD: We’re going to have to run a contest or a poll or something on this site, ‘get bit by Jack Davey.’

JACK: Yeah, who wants to get bitten by Jack Davey?

TUD: Which leads me to my last question. When you guys are in that studio, do you ever let professionalism go out the window? You look at each other, you’re making all this sexy music and you’re like, ‘you know, I’ma make this happen right now.’

JACK: [laughs] Make what happen?

TUD: The two of you, having…

JACK: OH! No, no.

BROOK: [laughs]

JACK: It’s very easy to…we separate business and personal very well, so we like to stay focused. There’s no way you can recover from that. There’d be getting no more work done that day.

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