Man! Breezy just can not help himself! Who tells this guy that leaving the house is a good idea? TMZ has posted a video of Chris at  Emerson Theater in Hollywood from Thursday night. The video is so ridiculous that we don’t even want to write down the words that are coming out of Chris Brown’s mouth! Let’s just say Chris’s rachetivity level is soaring to even greater heights on this one. If you thought he was turnt up the other night with the parking attendant, oh boy just wait till you see this video!

Per TMZ, Chris Brown can be heard saying, “You GOTTA say that one thing to her … Don’t make me have to tell you again, that’s my p***y baby! … so you better not give it away!”


Who is rolling with Team Breezy that thinks this behavior is hot? Does CB even have handlers anymore? This whole week has been one disastrous event after another. And the video is just another example of why people get tired of being shamed in to giving Chris Brown chance after chance to put it back together. We realize the internets have zero chill, but Chris Brown has even less than the internets!

Chris do yourself and your reputation a favor, have a seat someplace and no matter how tempted you are, stay seated. You are really making it hard for those who love you to continue to defend you. Truly.

OK readers and fans, what say you? Is this what you want to see from Chris Brown? Take The Poll!



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